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Krista Borgwardt, LIMHP, LICSW, provides telehealth for her clients located in Arizona and Nebraska. Teletherapy provides mental health care from anywhere in the state of Arizona and Nebraska through secure (HIPAA compliant) videoconferencing. 

Teletherapy is mental health care in a live video format between therapist and clients. The care is the same as in person visits, and provides the same effectiveness, quality of care, and overall satisfaction from the client.   

Benefits of Teletherapy

  • Video sessions can occur in the comfort of your own home or office.

  • Provides mental health therapy to people who reside in remote areas of Nebraska or Arizona

    • Care for clients who live in both AZ and NE throughout the year​

  • Helps reduce time away from work, family or other obligations

  • Helps reduce transportation barriers

  • Reduces the barrier stigma

  • Access for disabled populations

  • Immuno-compromised can feel safe in their own environment with less germ exposure

Telehealth only provider
Providing secure video sessions 

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