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Create a Fall Bucket List

By Krista Borgwardt // October 2, 2019

Fall is a beautiful season to be present with nature’s beauty. A fun way to practice mindfulness is to be playful and intentional with creating a Fall Bucket List. When my girls were little every Summer I bought them a big neon poster and we all wrote Summer bucket list ideas, then crossed them off throughout the Summer. I encourage you to create a Fall Bucket List with your children, grandchildren, and/or just for yourself. If you are married create a Fall date night bucket list with 8 weeks of fun Fall dates.

Here are 12 Fall bucket list ideas:

1. Bake anything pumpkin or buy a baked pumpkin good

2. Boo a neighbor or co-worker

3. Visit your local pumpkin patch

4. Make a Fall leaf wreath

5. Buy a Fall decoration

6. Carve or paint a pumpkin

7. Warm a cup of apple cider

8. Make caramel apples

9. Go to Trader Joe’s and buy anything pumpkin – they have so much to try and it’s healthy

10. Walk along a tree path to observe all the changing colors

11. Go pick apples at an Apple Orchard

12. Send someone a Fall card via snail mail

Bucket list are a great way to playfully and creatively make goals from your own heart that are healthy for improving your mental health.

Pause, slow down, take time to play and be present with this Fall season.

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