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Out of network - what is a superbill?

By Krista Borgwardt // January 15, 2019

What do you do when you find a mental health therapist you want to see and they do not take your insurance? You find out about a superbill.

What is a Superbill?

A superbill is a document that outlines the services provided to a client from their health care provider, e.g. mental health therapist. The document contains the information you need to potentially be reimbursed by your health insurance after you paid out-of-pocket.

How does a Superbill work?

When you pay an out-of-network provider a basic invoice will not have the information that is required by your insurance company. A Superbill, also referred to as a “coded bill”, will include the care you received, how much you paid, specific codes (CPT code and diagnosis code) and other pertinent information required by your insurance company. Your provider would need you to request a superbill directly from them.

Superbills work in this manner - you directly pay mental health provider for services, provider sends you a superbill, then you submit the superbill to your insurance and they reimburse you.

Does my insurance reimburse for a Superbill?

Call your insurance company and ask them if they will take a superbill for mental health services provided by an out-of-network provider. If you know your provider you want to see then ask if they will reimburse for that specific provider. The insurance company would directly reimburse the client after receiving the superbill and processing the healthcare claim.

There are many mental health counselors and other health care providers who are amazing, but for many reasons may not take your insurance. A superbill is a great solution to receive the best fit mental health services for you and your healing.

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